Jatti, Lerario to Complete World Marathon Majors

In the middle of the night on Saturday, February 25th MRC Club runners Suresh Jatti and Amira Lerario will be completing the impressive feat of the World Marathon Majors. Of course, at 14 hours ahead of us, they'll only be tired from running the Tokyo Marathon, not so much from fatigue of late Saturday night. Barring some unforeseen incident, the two will cross the finish line in Tokyo and join a small group of runners who have completed six of the largest marathons in the world.

Tokyo will be the last stop on the journey to Marathon Majors after Boston, Berlin, London, Chicago and New York City for both Amira and Suresh. You can read more about the World Marathon Majors, and see who else has completed the feat here.

Amira Lerario, a Manchester resident, has been a club member for over 6 years and operates her own coaching business (Running with Amira); she is also involved with the Glastonbury River Runners and Silk City Striders. Amira ran the NYC Marathon in 2011 in 3:39, she backed that up with Chicago in 2012 in 3:32 then really picked it up in 2013 with a 3:24 showing. In 2015, Amira returned to her home country to run the London Marathon in 3:32 and she has run the Boston Marathon several times with a personal best of, believe it or not, 3:32.

Suresh Jatti of Glastonbury joined the MRC Club three years ago and has been a strong scorer in the masters division of the MRC racing team; he too is a member of the Glastonbury River Runners and involved in a number of other organizations. Suresh has been running some of his best races over the last 12 months and is logging many miles leading up to Tokyo. Suresh has run the Boston Marathon on several occasions and last year clocked a 3:04 in the warm conditions. Suresh started with Chicago in 2012 (3:05), then completed both Berlin (3:13) and New York City (3:11) in 2013 before entering the London Marathon in 2015 and cracking the three-hour barrier, finishing in 2:59.

We wish both Suresh and Amira the best of luck and safe travels as they complete this feat!

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