Mission & Goals

Welcome to Manchester Running Club!

Fast Facts:
Founded: 2009, non-profit founding in 2023
Members: We continue to grow each year, currently there are over 450 members. 
Affiliations: USATF-CT
Membership Dues: $35.00 (details here)
Contact:  Email us at manchesterrunningcompany@gmail.com

Mission: MRC Running Club seeks to serve and support its members by creating a running and fitness community through event management, personalized coaching, and public service.

Goals: MRC Running Club strives to be the best running club in the area.  When we say the best, we don’t mean the most competitive, we are not are not trying to make Olympians out of everyone.  If your goal is to be highly competitive, great, we can help you with that but our goal is to simply develop a community of runners. Everyone has different goals, some of us are in it just to meet new running friends, some are looking for training partners, some are new to the area and just looking for a social pipeline.  We aim to provide all of these things.

The Running Club is designed to be a running community where we can come together not just to run, but also share a meal from time to time, get to know each other, take a trip to the Boston Marathon, and support our friends and members. Our goal is the community and we aim to become the best running club because we offer the venue for people to come together.

About Manchester: Manchester, Conn. is home to some of the best races and runners in New England. Our town is home to the Manchester Road Race along with several of the best high school competitions in the state including the High School State Class Championships and State Open Championships at Wickham Park.

A number of great runners have come through the Manchester High School system and thousands of excellent runners around the region have raced the Manchester Road Race every year on Thanksgiving.  Now it is time to keep that great running tradition in the greater Manchester area – or at least represent the area by joining the Manchester Running Club!

We are not exclusive by any stretch of the imagination and anyone can join. We don’t want you to come to our group runs and feel left out so we will take the time to get to know you and see how we can better serve the running community.