Event Promotion

Race Promotion and Consulting

Thinking about putting on a local road race for charity or fun but not  sure where to start? Need your race to grow? We’re here to help. At Manchester Running Company, event promotion is our passion and it’s what we do best. We will work with you to find the best race solution at the lowest price available so you can hold on to the most money for your organization.

We have organized, volunteered, and assisted in successful road and trail races throughout the state.

Here is a sample of what you get with MRC: 

Complete event promotion including:
– Logo/graphic design
– Brochure, t-shirt and poster design
– Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram exposure
– E-mail exposure (8,000 email subscribers)
– Event page on our website
– Event ad in our Race Calendar
– Mile Markers (to borrow)
– Start and Finish Banners (to borrow)
– Registration design and assistance
– Set up of online registration
– Expert marketing assistance
– Sponsor package development
– Consulting on securing permits in your town(s)
– Event listed on numerous running websites
– Consulting on best practices (good ideas/bad ideas)
– Consulting on timing services for your event
– Low, low prices!

Here are some frequently asked questions: 

How much does Manchester Running Company charge?

We come from the school of thought that the better job we do the more we’re worth. We also understand that a first-year event can be very difficult to make a profit. That being said our fee is $500 (deposit) plus 10% of all registration fees (due within 30 days after event).

That’s too much, do you have another option? 

We have a very basic, “how do I get started” option, where we will either meet with you or speak to you on the phone about how to get started and get things moving. This option is not nearly as comprehensive and covers just the basics of putting on a race. For this we charge $75/hour (1 hour minimum).

What does that fee cover? 

That fee covers only Manchester Running Company’s event promotion services (see all the bullet points listed above). The organization should plan on spending an absolute minimum of another $2,500 to put on a successful race. MRC does not cover any costs associated with the race, you need to keep in mind the following which we will work with you to procure, and guide you in the right direction, but the cost is on you:

– Timing Company
– Rest Rooms
– Police
– T-shirts or give-aways
– Marketing collateral (i.e. printed posters, flyers)
– Online registration
– Permits
– Course Certification
– Prizes

How much time does MRC need to promote a race? 

We need at least three months to really get the word out there, we prefer 6 months to a year, but we can assure you in three months we can get everything done we need to do.

How many people do you think will show up? 

That depends largely on your investment in your marketing. There have been too many organizations that do not promote their race properly – no, putting up a Facebook page is not enough. Runners can participate in an event every weekend of the entire year, you need to make some investment to make your event stand out. We will help you with this. With no investment, expect less than 150 people. With a strong investment in your marketing, you could easily see over 250 people in your first year.

We meet as a committee every 2 months, can you come to that? 

Sure. We’ll generally try to make a meeting; if we can’t make it we’ll get in on a conference call. Our only rule on meetings is that if it takes place more than 10 miles from Manchester, we will charge a mileage rate of 54 cents per mile so that we can put gas in our cars.

Does MRC provide volunteers? 

No. Volunteers are up to the organization; plan to need about 12-15 volunteers for a 5k, a few more for a 10k, and about 50-60 for a half marathon.

Does MRC solicit sponsorships and donations?

We will gladly assist in writing letters, grants, and developing sponsorship packages, but cannot guarantee any sponsorship or donations. This is usually better coming from those in your organization who are in charge of development and fundraising.

So you no longer handle the logistics of a race?

As of August, 2016 – we handle the logistics of all races that have utilized our services since our inception in 2009 to August, 2016. We will continue to handle the logistics for these races as long as they will keep having us back (hopefully until the end of time).

For races interested in our services after August 2016, we do not handle logistics. We will likely be on site for your event, but ultimately the organizers (you) are responsible for things like event set up, registration, obtaining permits and the like. We are now primarily focused on event promotion – it allows us to devote much more time to doing what we do best – promoting your race.

Do you have references? 

You betcha we do! Let us know if you want some and we’ll get you in contact with them.

This all sounds great, how do we get started? 

To get in contact with Manchester Running Company please send us an email, don’t be shy.

But wait! Our organization REALLY needs your help putting on an event and handling the logistics? Isn’t there anything you can do, just one more race?

As of August 2016, our policies regarding hosting (handling logistics for) races has changed.
We are very selective about races which we will take on completely; we will only entertain taking on such races that are backed by an established business, non-profit, or corporation; however, just because you qualify for that, doesn’t mean we will automatically agree to do it. That being said, you could always try if you have a great idea. In this situation, our prices increase to $1,500 up front and 10% of registration fees.