Kevin Beals

Kevin Beals

bealsKevin Beals is a gentleman and a scholar.  A dedicated member of the Manchester Running Company RC, Beals has perfect attendance at the Monday night group runs and has participated in every Manchester Running Company sponsored event. He is also a new homeowner in Manchester as of June 2010.

Beals began his running career in high school (or maybe middle school) where he ran for coach Mike Bendzinski for four years at Manchester High School.  One of the most dedicated runners on the team and a true leader, Beals attended Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston and founded the Track & Field Club for the Leopards.  He organized team practices and basically ran the whole show.  His leadership and assertiveness could tame a rabid lion on steroids – thankfully he’s only had to do that twice.

Kevin is always one to support the local running scene; he participates in many events throughout the year including the annual Manchester Road Race.  A native of Manchester, Beals also currently resides in town.  Beals takes the George Costanza outlook on life and claims he is an architect for a living; in reality he is a top designer for a well-respected architecture firm in Hartford.

Recent Results:
2010 BAA Half Marathon – 1:28:15
2011 Newport Marathon – 3:43:59
2011 Manchester Road Race – 29:28
2011 Beer Mile – 8:47
2011 Glastonbury Santa Run 3.5M – 21:07

2010 Results:
06/11/2010 – Pride in Manchester 5k – 18:54 (11th Place)
05/30/2010 – MRC Runners Ragnar Relay Team – Second Place
03/20/2010 – Finally Spring 5k! – 22:08 (16th Place)

2009 Results:
11/26/2009 – Manchester Road Race- 30:18