MRC Athletes Representing USATF-CT at National Meeting

Morgan Kennedy and Kristina Miner, both MRC members in 2015 will be representing the Connecticut Association of USA Track & Field (USATF) at the USATF Annual Meeting this week in Houston.

USATF-CT is sending eight delegates to the national convention where various rules, codes of conduct, and legislation are discussed and voted upon by delegates from each Association. Morgan Kennedy, who joined MRC late in 2015 will represent the Men’s Long Distance Running group for CT while Kristina Miner will represent the Women’s Long Distance Running side.

Miner will also serve on the Cross Country Council in a secondary role and Kennedy’s secondary function at the meeting will be as Master’s Long Distance Running representative.

Along with Miner and Kennedy, six other delegates from the state will be present. MRC is the only club or organization with more than one delegate. Miner is heavily involved in the local running scene; in addition to competing for MRC on the USATF-CT Grand Prix Circuit, she is also a member of the Hartford Marathon Foundation’s Team HMF, which volunteers and advocates running events in the community. Kennedy competed for Central Mass Striders during most of the 2015 before joining MRC mid summer and is a regular at team events, socials, and the like.

Manchester Running Company strives to be involved with, and promote, the sport of running and track & field in positive ways. We appreciate Kristina and Morgan’s efforts to lend a voice to the needs and desires of long distance runners in our state.

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