Gurzler Wins 8Furlongs Classic

EAST HARTFORD, CONN., — Manchester Running Company’s Jake Gurzler returned to winning form on Sunday, June 19th as he captured the 8Furlongs Classic held at Rentschler Field in East Hartford.

Gurzler, expecting a payout of $500 for the winner, trained for the 8Furlongs Classic for the last few months and was ready to go come early Sunday morning. Gurzler was in contention from the gun and with just over 400 meters to go made his move and held on for victory over the 1-mile course in 4:19.60. Gurzler took home the first place prize which was reduced to just $150 for unknown, and unannounced, reasons. The race was directed and hosted by 8Furlongs Racing, a new event company with close ties to FleetFeet of West Hartford.

While disappointed in the prize money, Gurzler was pleased to get his second win in 2011 after a pair of second-place finishes on the local scene.

Friend of MRC, Dani Kennedy was second place in the women’s field of 14 as she crossed the line in a time of 6:12.6, dominating the master’s division by a full minute.

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