Finally Spring 5k POSTPONED to April 11th

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to overwhelming amount of snow, ice, slush on the trails of the Finally Spring 5k & Kids Run course we are postponing the race until April 11, 2015. All other details about the race including times, location, food, restrooms, parking, etc. will remain the same, the only thing changing is the date – April 11.

We understand this may cause a conflict with other plans you have, therefore we have a number of options for those who are pre-registered. Please provide your name or the person you registered when/if you do email us.

1. If you plan on racing on April 11th, please do nothing, we’ll see you on race day and it will be warm, sunny, dry and a beautiful course.

2. If you would like to defer to the 2016 race (date to be determined, but most likely Sat. March 26th) please email stating you would like to defer to 2016.

3. If you would like to use your registration to run in the Spring Street Mile on June 13th in Manchester ( please email stating you would like your registration credited to the Spring Street Mile. We’ll see you on June 13th.

4. If you would like to transfer your registration to another person, please email with your name and details of the person you would like to transfer the registration to (we will need name, date of birth, city, state, gender and an email address).

5. If you would like a full refund please email stating that postponing the race is the biggest disappointment of the year so far
and you wish you could make it on April 11th but you can’t and would like a full refund of your registration.

6. Partial Refund: If you’ve seen the socks and you must have a pair but you can’t make the race, we will mail you your socks and give you a refund of your registration less $7.00 (the cost of the socks plus postage).

So if you paid $20 to register and you want the socks, you’ll get a $13 refund and the socks in the mail. We will not ship the socks until AFTER the race on April 11th.

We greatly appreciate your understanding of our postponement. Trust us it is not safe to be running on the course right now, there is just too much snow to remove.

Thank you again, if you have any questions please feel free to email.


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