Drying Out those Wet Running Shoes

May 23, 2013 – The spring humidity and rain has arrived. It seems like we get this stretch every year for about a week or two where it is just humid, soupy, and/or raining every day. I recall about four or five years ago we had at least some precipitation every single day of June – I hope we don’t get that again. Anyway, the humidity and rain really takes a toll on foot comfort.

Generally speaking, people try to run in the same pair shoes every day for the life of those shoes and with the recent weather, that can get uncomfortable. Without proper and complete drying shoes feel soggy, your feet feel gross putting those shoes on and it just adds to the already humid conditions you’re feeling everywhere else on your body. So here are just a few tips to keeping those shoes and feet dry in between runs.

First of all, make sure you’re changing your socks. I know this seems like common knowledge but who knows some people might not do it. Not changing socks will really make your shoes feel, and smell, terrible and it breeds bacteria and other things. In addition to changing your socks and showering, here are a few other simple tips:

– Remove the insoles from your shoes after a moist run. The insole is one of the absorbent spots on your shoe and taking these out will help dry the insole and the shoe much faster.

– Make sure your shoes are untied and loosen the laces after your run. This allows shoes to get more air in to them and thus dry faster.

– Take some old newspaper and stuff it in to your shoes. You can get a lot of newspaper into one shoe and don’t be afraid to really cram it in there. Newspaper will help dry those right up. You can remove the newspaper the next morning or next time you run, but be aware the newspaper will be wet and might stink, so you’ll want to put that right in the trash.


– If you have a dehumidifier put your running shoes right down next to it. If your dehumidifier is working properly that should help immensely. If you don’t have a dehumidifier another alternative is to place your running shoes right in front of your refrigerator door where there is a vent. The air coming out of this vent is room temperature so you don’t have to worry about your shoes heating up or cooling down.

– Keep your shoes in a dry place. Leaving them outside in the humidity may only make things worse.

Following these simple steps will make sure your feet are dry and comfortable from run t0 run. We do not recommend putting your shoes in the dryer – this will most likely shrink them and ruin the shoes.

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