Coaching Plans

Coaching Plans

Please read me first: Welcome to the home of the MRC coaching plans! These plans are meant to be guides and not hard-and-fast rules about what to do and when. We have seen a fair amount of success among a wide variety of runners using these plans, but here’s a few tips to get you started:

  • What is a tempo run? Well there are different theories behind your exact tempo pace, but our feeling is that a tempo run is “comfortably hard”. So you can say a few words while running or talk in short bursts, but wouldn’t be able to carry on a conversation at that pace. Tempo’s should be done by feel, ignore your watch and just run.
  • What’s my pace for these intervals? Please use this chart to determine your pace. You should use your goal “per mile” pace. For example if you want to run a 2-hour half marathon, you’ll want to work at around 9:09 pace per mile, if you’re feeling good, go a little faster but don’t go crazy. Use this pace calculator to help you out.
  • How much rest should I take? It is indicated in each of the specific workouts.
  • How fast should my easy runs be? You should be able to carry on a conversation – easy days are all about just getting out there and getting in some miles.
  • What are strides? Strides are mini sprints of about 100 yards. They are not an all out sprint, but faster than a regular run, focus more on your form than going as fast as you can. You will probably not see strides on a beginner’s or intermediate plan.
  • How do I know which plan to choose? They aren’t all that much different from each other, just some include more rest and less running. Take a gander at each plan’s goal times and determine from there.
  • What if I have other questions? email us.



Beginners (goal time of ~30:00-25:00): 8-Week | 12-Week

Intermediate (goal time of ~25:00-20:00): 8-Week | 12-Week

Advanced (goal time sub 20:00): 8-week | 12-week


Beginners (goal time of ~60:00 – 50:00): 8-week | 12-week

Intermediate (goal time of ~50:00 – 40:00): 8-Week | 12-week

Advanced (goal time sub 40:00): 8-week | 12-week

Half Marathon

Beginners (goal time of ~2:30:00 – 2 hours): 12-Week

Intermediate (goal time of ~2 hours – 1:35:00): 12-week

Advanced (goal time sub 1:35:00): 12-week | 16-week


Beginners (goal time of ~5 hours – 4 hours): 16-Week

Intermediate (goal time of ~4 hours – 3:15:00): 16-Week

Advanced (goal time sub 3:15:00): 12-week | 16-week

Advanced plans: You’ll notice that none of the Advanced plans have been filled in, this is deliberate. Assuming if you stumbled upon this page, you’re in the MRC Running Club, and with that comes free coaching guidance. I’m happy to write up a plan for you advanced runners, just email me! You know where to find me.